For Change

Feeling stuck, bored or unsatisfied?
Know you need to change your life, but don't know how or what?
Got unfulfilled dreams?

As your coach, I'll work with you guide you through the change from where you are to where you should be.
Together, we'll create a strategy that will allow you to make the choices and get the results you want.


Coaching can be carried out using Skype, phone or instant messaging: whichever you prefer.
Or if you're in Brighton and Hove, I'm happy to meet in person.

All coaching includes email support between sessions, including written notes of each session.
Sessions are 45 minutes long (shorter or longer sessions are possible by arrangement).
Before our first session, I'll ask you to carry out a simple paper exercise to help you clarify your goals.

We'll look at:

- Setting and achieving authentic goals
- Breaking big goals into small, simple chunks
- Dealing with self-doubt and lack of confidence
- Looking at what's holding you back in any area of your life: career, relationships, family
- Finding motivation when life is tough
- Breaking through the blocks that are stopping you from having the life you want

We can meet as often as you like. Fortnightly works well for many, but weekly or monthly may work best for you.


For a single session, £35.
For a course of 4 sessions, £120 or £30 a session.
For a course of 6 sessions, £165 or £27.50 a session.
For a course of 8 sessions, £200 or £25 a session.

Face-to-face sessions are charged the same if you can come to my home office. If you'd like to meet elsewhere, travel charges will apply.

My experience

I've worked with clients all over the world to empower them to take control of their lives and make the changes they need to. People I've worked with have successfully changed career, moved on from bad relationships and worked through tough emotional blocks.

I'm a trained coach and a member of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring.
I trained with Curly Martin's Achievement Specialists. Curly is one of the world's top ten coaches. Working with her personally was fascinating and inspiring, and gave me the skills I needed to be an effective coach.