Writing courses

Ready to write that novel, or tackle your first short story?

Want to get started in creative writing or finish the writing project that you’ve been tinkering with?

Join one of my courses at the Writing Times.

These great value courses are designed for beginners and those with some experience to take at their own pace over either 6 or 12 months. Each course has one module a month, though you can work faster if you choose.

These are practical courses that will teach you both the writing skills and the self-coaching techniques you need to be a successful writer. You’ll get lots of personal attention and regular feedback.

There is an in-depth marked written assignment at the end of each module as well as lots of fun, challenging exercises along the way.

They’re all great value at £180 for a 6 month course and £360 for a 12 month course.

Choose from:

From confusion to your first finished story (6 month course)

Want to write a short story? Feeling confused about how to start, or worried you won’t be able to finish? This course will give you a thorough grounding in everything you need to know to be a successful short story writer.

You’ll take on practical writing exercises designed to help you give your ideas structure, creating authentic characters and an engrossing plot.You’ll learn self-coaching techniques designed to help you beat procrastination and self-doubt.
By the end of this course, you will have written your first story. You’ll be a writer.

Get your writing project finished (6 Month Course)

It’s easy to have a brilliant story idea. Writing it until it’s finished? That’s the hard bit.

If you have a head full of unfulfilled ideas, or lots of beginnings that deserve endings, this course is for you.

You’ll learn the practical self-coaching techniques you need to be a successful writer who gets things done.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a finished piece of writing.

Creative fiction writing from the ground up (12 Month Course)

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in writing before, but are unsure where to go next on your writing journey. Or maybe you’re a curious beginner, keen to start putting words on the page for the first time.

This course will provide you with the comprehensive toolkit you need to start writing fiction.

This is a practical course that will help you develop your writing skills and allow you to get your ideas out of your mind and onto the page.

By the end of the course, you’ll be a writer.

Novel writing bootcamp  (12 month course)

Everyone’s got a book in them. But few people turn that book from an idea into something real. If you want to become one of the few, this course will get you there.

Whether you’ve started a novel you can’t finish, or you’re struggling to write your first few words, you’ll learn everything you need to get to the end.

The course combines self-coaching techniques, goal-setting and practical writing exercises designed to get you the result you want: a finished novel.


Questions, or want to book? Just email me at alice@alicecoaches.co.uk, or give me a call on 01273 803 471.

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