For Writers

Whatever your writing goals, I'll help you achieve them.
No experience needed - just a desire to write.

I offer coaching and mentoring to guide you through the writing process and help you get writing done.
I offer a critique service to offer you honest and effective feedback.

I work with fiction writers and creative non-fiction writers. Everything from dystopian short stories to family memoirs.


If you're a writer, you might want to look at technical aspects of your writing as part of a creativity coaching package. I can include this in any of my coaching programmes or packages.

For example, you might want to look at:

- Overcoming blocks to writing.
- Setting realistic goals for your writing.
- Structure, planning and plotting.
- Anything else you need to get you writing.


Get feedback on your writing.

I'll tell you what I loved, and I'll suggest how you could improve and develop.
You'll get an annotated copy of your manuscript with comments and corrections, and a critique sheet.

For fiction writing, the critique sheet will include analysis of:

- Style and use of language
- Plot and structure
- Characters and dialogue
- Setting and theme.

For non-fiction, it will include analysis of:

- Use of language
- Structure
- Whether the work achieves its objective
- Anything else relevant.


Up to 5000 words:
£10 per 1000 words (£20 minimum charge).

5000-15,000 words:
Base fee of £50, and £5 per 1000 words over the first 5000.

15,000-40,000 words:
Base fee of £100, and £3 per 1000 words over the first £15,000.

Over 40,000 words:
Base fee of £130 and £2 per 1000 words over the first £40,000.


Proofreading (corrections to spelling, grammar, and other basic errors): £7 per 1000 words.
Copy-editing (proofreading, plus edits to improve style and structure): £10-15 per 1000 words.
Developmental editing: £15-20 per 1000 words.

£15 minimum charge.

My experience

I've always been a writer. As a teenager, I'd scribble little stories in the back of exercise books and I'd lie on my bed and make up other worlds. I still do that, but now I've done much more.

I took an MA in Creative Writing and Authorship at Sussex University. There, I learned how to turn creative ideas into real, structured, stories that people would want to read. Some of them have been published, in Aesthetica magazine and elsewhere.

With a group of other writers, I co-founded Rattle Tales, an interactive storytelling evening. I've performed at it many times and worked with countless writers, sifting through submissions and offering feedback to those that didn't make it. With the same group of writers, I co-founded the Brighton Prize, our city's only major literary prize.

I've been coaching writers since 2012. I've worked with writers who'd barely written a word before, but who had an overwhelming desire to get their ideas out of their heads and onto the page. I've worked with writers who had dozens of unfinished short stories and didn't know what to do next. I've worked with writers with finished works, clear goals and a need to bounce ideas.

Business writing

Looking for help with writing at work or for your business?
I do that too. Read more.